Data loss happens every day. Hardware failures, cyber-attacks, and other disasters put your business at constant risk.

Protect your desktop and server data with Altice Business's secure backup and restoration services. Altice Business Cloud Backup provides quick file access, automatic scheduling, and end‑to‑end military-grade encryption — all with 24/7 support and one flat-rate fee.

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No More To Do’s

Customize schedules, user groups, and reporting from anywhere, anytime.

Military Grade Encryption

Our state-of-the-art security protects your data and your peace of mind.

Quick Recovery

Easily search, find, and restore your information with a single click.

Who’s investing in
Cloud Backup?

Healthcare – Stay within HIPAA regulations for handling patients' medical information.

Professional Services – Free up your IT team by scheduling automatic reoccurring data backups.

Education – Protect your students' information with military-grade encryption technology.

Financial – Back up and restore huge amounts of information without a hiccup.

Government & Municipal – Create and manage administrators and encryption keys quickly and seamlessly.

The Technology Behind Cloud Backup

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